FHP/Co-FHP Pre-Screening Application

Tri-Generations Louisville does NOT provide SCL Staffed Residences or Group Home Supports.

The only residential option available through Tri-Generations is the Family Home Provider model, which is similar to Adult Foster Care.

Currently, we are looking for people with good documented experience working with individuals with development or intellectual disabilities and have good skills with technology usage daily, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, smart phone. And homes that are accessible or can be made accessible. If you meet that criteria for technology skills, accessibility and are interested in sharing your home and your life with an individual with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, please provide in detail the following information.

(Please note, this application is for Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas. This application does NOT cover Indiana or places outside of Jefferson, Shelby, Oldham and Bullitt counties.)

Family Home Providers (FHP) Provide daily care in their home for someone that becomes a part of their family. Co-Family Home Providers (Co-FHP) provide the same level of care but for short stays only.
(Please note, it is important that you give detailed information in each area.)

This website is monitored by part-time staff and it may be several days before you receive an email response. Patience is a key to a successful Family Home Provider, and we appreciate yours. Your application will be evaluated, and you will receive a response. Please do not call concerning your application and allow us the time to review and respond according to our interest.

Thank you so much for your interest in working with Tri-Generations and people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.