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Mission Statement

Through the generations of life we celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary moments of each person’s life. These celebrations are based upon the three values of mutual respect, self-determination and faith in God.

Our Values

Tri-Generations believes that all people, including people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families, have the same basic rights associated with the status of citizenship. All people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; the right to be treated with respect and dignity; the right to choose one’s own lifestyle; the right to control one’s own destiny, validating one’s self-worth. Tri-Generations fosters a restraint-free environment where the use of mechanical restraints, seclusion, manual restraints including any manner of prone or supine restraint, or chemical restraints are prohibited

Welcome to

Tri- Generations is a leading provider of services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of Kentucky. Each location of Tri-Generations controls its growth and retains its size so we can remain connected and committed to make a difference in the lives of those supported. Through proven history, experience, reputation and our values base, Tri-Generations customizes services & supports to fulfill each individual’s unique journey in life, recognizing ever-changing needs.

  • Self-Determination

    Tri-Generations believes that people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families are the primary decision makers in the management of their lives. Tri-Generations supports and facilities the use of person centered processes. Tri-Generations will support individuals and their families to make informed decisions, which will empower them to direct their supports to the extent they desire while providing effective individualized supports to ensure health and safety.

  • Inclusion

    Tri-Generations promotes the full inclusion of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities into their communities. Tri-Generations also believes in promoting quality of life,  health and safety by enhancing natural relationships with friends, families, neighbors and fellow citizens, as these relationships occur in the community.

  • Attitude

    Tri-Generations believes every person’s life is grounded in flexible, individualized support, and an understanding of the life stages experienced by all people from birth, through childhood, adulthood, and old age. Tri-Generations recognizes that the journey through life includes continual transition and adaptation. While a person’s goals and needs change throughout their lifetime, all people rely on their families and the larger community for their sense of belonging and identity.

  • Diversity

    Tri-Generations recognizes the strengths of all people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families, from all races, ethnicities, cultures, and socioeconomic circumstances. Tri-Generations’ goal of diversity is to support individuals and their families in a culturally respectful manner, which is responsive to their beliefs, personal life styles, attitudes, language and behaviors, as we strive to provide meaningful opportunities for full participation in their communities.