photo6Supports & Services

Tri-Generations will meet all SCL requirements for the services and supports provided to the individuals in our program. The following is a list and description of services/supports provided:


Supports/Services offered at the Northern Kentucky location.
Supports/Services offered at the Central Kentucky location/NKY.
Supports/Services offered at the Louisville Kentucky location.

Case Management

This is a person who helps the individual and his/her family to develop a plan to meet the individual’s needs.  The case manager works closely with the individual to make sure he/she is pleased with the services he/she receives as well as advocates for the individual.  This person visits with the individual a minimum of once a month.

 Residential Supports

Folks receiving SCL services may choose to live in a variety of places, including with an adult foster home provider or staffed residence (a small three-person individualized home.) Residential supports provides up to twenty-four hour supervision and training in activities such as laundry, routine household care, self care, shopping, money management, Socialization, and leisure activities. Also folks receiving residential services may choose to live in their own homes with residential staff coming in to provide needed support for them. (Note: The Louisville Kentucky location only provides residential supports in an adult foster home provider setting, no staffed residences.)

Day Training (ADT)

Provides training in a place other than home, focused on such topics as career development, health and wellness, community integration, and supported retirement.

Supported Employment

Our staff assists folks to find and keep jobs in the community.

Community Living Supports (MPW only)

Folks choosing to receive this service will be provided assistance to facilitate independence and promote integration into the community.


These services provide a time of rest or relief for the people who normally care for an individual.  Respite services are only available to individuals living in their family homes. It is not available to those living in a staffed residence or living independently.

Personal Assistance (SCL only)

This service enables a person to accomplish tasks that they normally do for themselves if they did not have a disability. This service only available to those who live independently or with their families.

Community Access (SCL only)

This service assists a person to become involved in clubs, and organizations including recreational, religious, educational, civic and volunteer and develop natural supports in these settings.

Personal Care (MPW only)

Folks choosing this service receive assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and activities of daily living.  Service are provided in the individual’s home.